Friday, March 6, 2009

Week in Photos

Although it hasn't been a banner blogging week for me, the week has actually been full of lots of little decisions and events. Take a look:

I haven't been wearing my engagement ring. Instead, I'm sporting a beloved family ring on my left hand while the magic ring elves make me a matching wedding band. Tick tock, tick tock...

We've selected two finalist menus for the reception, and based on some questions I need to get answered next week during my OBX planning trip, I'll be able to make a decision then. Also OBX planning trip-related: rearranged all the appointments (again).

Received my very own invitation in the mail to the lovely Kate's wedding in Austin later this month... woo hoo!

We received our first round of supplies to make the goodies for our Welcome Bags: 1 oz spray bottles for bug spray (OBX skeeters know how to attack, trust me) and 2 oz bottles for sunscreen. Send tips on economical gallon containers of both on over!

Made a decision on bridesmaid gifts, and the creative process has begun! (Enlarge for mysterious hints about what we're talking about... the gals read this blog so I can't spoil the surprise!)

We did the final proof of our invitation suite! I can't believe we're ready to go to print... aaaahhhhh!!!! I love them, and can't wait to show off all the little details in full. Also invitation-related: I started formatting our invitation list for the outer envelope and inner labels. We've eschewed "Mr. and Mrs." to honor our event's mellowness and the fact that about half of all couples attending don't have the same last name. You'll see very very soon.... :-)

Massive J.Press order arrived (pleasing the F-Word's preppiness and town of matriculation), so we now have navy linen ties for everyone, some belt ideas, and are trying out a red and white gingham pocket square in lieu of polka dots.

Here's the seersucker paired with gingham. Pretty fun, huh? Turns out a red and white polka dot pocket square in cotton or linen is nearly impossible to find, so we're trying out this look while we continue our search. Thoughts?

Our Fox and Prince parasol arrived! It's absolutely gorgeous. (Me, in workout finery, not so much.)

Got a loooong overdue pedicure, and after some classic Dallas weather twists this week (40-degree temperature swings, per usual), was greeted with a balmy 80 degrees for champagne night with the girls last night. My toes were so excited to be free again on the patio. (My shoe collection is probably 80% open toe... I'm in trouble if we move north.) I neglected to take a photo of the fun night out, which is probably a sign we were having too much fun to bother, wouldn't you say?

An impulsive post-champagne rendezvous with the F-Word found the two of us at one of our favorite neighborhood haunts, Victor Tango, where I indulged in two of my favorite things: the Pepper Smash and some Ahi Tuna Nachos. YUM.

Late-night frivolity = being late for work this morning and realizing I forgot to fill up on gas. Oops.


Kate said...

Woo hoo!!!! Such a big week - and I am honored to get a mention :)

I am dying over the invitation teasers - I cannot wait until you fully reveal the final product!

And, as always, where oh where would be without Etsy? Got our bridesmaid gifts there too - love, love, love them!

Maggie said...

Kate: You could've gotten three mentions in the above if I'd been feeling more specific ;-). So special this week!

Teresa said...

Awesome details! I love those invites, and the seersucker + gingham.

Maggie said...

Thanks Teresa! I'm really interested to get input on the gingham. I love the look - and it's great with the groomsman shirt, too - but not 100% sold yet, probably bc I want to compare it with polka dots, but we can't find them!

ABC Dragoo said...

Wheeeeeee! looks like you let the cat out of the bag with a HUGE sneak peek of your wedding stationery suite! Can't wait to go to print on Monday! xxooABCD

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

I just love your color combination..., and of course the men with their pants down is classic!

Heather the bridesmaid said...

This was a productive week for you! As nosey as I normally am, I'm not going to enlarge the IM chat regarding the bridesmaids gifts. I want it to truly be a surprise :)

Too bad you won't be able to show off those pretty toes with the bummer forecast for Raleigh this weekend. Oh well...the Huddleston's have a great home for entertaining. See you Saturday!

Maggie said...

Silly H, I blurred all the gift details out of the image! There's no way to figure it out based on what's left... only a way to become intrigued ;-).