Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Letterman's Top 10 Reasons for Getting Married

I love Dave, and this cracks me up. You probably heard that Dave married his partner of 23 years over the weekend. Wondering why?

David Letterman: Top 10 Reasons I Got Married

10. Poconos offers newlyweds free room with champagne-glass Jacuzzi.
9. If I'm gonna catch Larry King, I'd better get going.
8. Still drunk from St. Patty's, dude!
7. She needed a green card.
6. When you're my age and look like I do, if someone says they'll marry you, you do it.
5. Don't have to listen to any more crap from that quack Dr. Phil.
4. I finally fit into my dream dress!
3. Free cake
2. Got tired of waiting for Paris Hilton.
1. Figured at the least we'd get a mediocre Top Ten out of it.


Once A Bride said...

i know quite a few people acting on #7 lately....

mjae said...

I actually saw the teaser for this last night and thought, wow, I'd like to know what those are, but I'll never make it trying to stay up that late!

Thanks, Mags!

Nicole Cramer said...

YAY Poconos! I never really will understand why someone would want to honeymoon there... Must be all about the champagne glass Jacuzzi.

GiGi said...

Gotta love that Champagne Glass jacuzzi tub!! OH YAH

AmyJean said...

Hilarious! lol

Teresa said...

These are hilarious.