Monday, March 9, 2009

Hot shoe FAIL

As we all know, I love shoes. Having a much-taller F-Word necessitates the need for tall shoes, and let's face it, hot shoes are our legs' best friends.

So you might guess I'd be a fan of the latest shoe-related fad. As such, these shoe, er, accessories have been sweeping girly wedding blog nation lately.

My verdict?

I'm sorry, but NO.

That is all.


jessica lynn said...

hey! thanks for your comment over on my Penned & Pretty blog! Weren't those favors adorable!?! The bride made the letterpress stationary sets HERSELF...can you believe it!?!? When planning my wedding I didn't have the patience, time or money to do something like that! Must be nice, right!?! Oh, and I ditto you on the shoe cap things. How tacky.

Anonymous said...

Eh they don't look so nice but at least your heals won't get stuck in the grass.

Once A Bride said...

I am soooo with you on this one.

Teresa said...

They are awful and terrible. I hate them.

Anonymous said...

Ok, these are totally horrible and so not fashionable, but I will say that I think they're genius and have bought a pair after reading your blog.

I'm getting married this October in Mexico, and both our ceremony and reception are on grass. It was either flats or these, and personally I'd rather be tall and confident on my wedding day. And who will really see them anyway? Just my two cents.