Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blog crush: The Flashdance

Thanks to linkage from East Side Bride, I've been digging into The Flashdance with glee. Part event planning with alt-sensibility (interviews with cool Los Angeles planners), part kick-ass DJ (Michael Antonia), and part ridiculous photographers (Our Labor of Love and Max Wanger), this blog makes me happy... without that guilty/cheesy/bemused feeling I sometimes get reading other wedding-related stuff, as much as it's been my unabashed guilty pleasure for the last several months. I mean helloooo, a new music mix every month?! That's my kinda wedding chatter.

It's funny... sometimes I wonder about this wedding the F-Word and I are planning and how it looks on paper... er, screen. What would our wedding be if we had more time to plan it, or we did it somewhere a little less remote where it might be easier to pull off any idea we came up with, etc.... I love how we're putting this thing together, don't get me wrong, but it strikes me as interesting from time to time how many elements we're incorporating that are fairly straightforward and mainstream. That makes me giggle a little bit, because inside, we're Flashdance through and through.

When I start writing about programs and favors soon, I'll circle back to this theme, and the fact that we feel extraordinarily humbled to be able to marry despite all those who cannot. I think it's clear we don't take ourselves very seriously, but that lightness doesn't come without a very real consideration of equity and basic fairness. I mean, really, we're allowed to marry each other? The two of us? Insanity.

So in the spirit of spreading celebration, here's what I'm talking about: The Flashdance takes us from inspirational same-sex ceremonies to funny "what not to do" tips to really awesome playlists. Lots of awesome playlists, actually. Let's end with Cocktail Music: Tried and True v. A Little Less Obvious, why don't we? Enjoy.


Amanda B. Young said...

"I mean, really, we're allowed to marry each other? The two of us? Insanity."

You're too cute! I know Mr. Bliss and I certainly felt that way on more than one occasion too.

And, I'll definitely be checking out that website!

AmyJean said...

Ohhh, i'll have to check them out :)

Legallyblondemel said...

What a cool (am I allowed to say "cool" anymore?), creative website.

Love this post, all of it.