Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hair trial!

While I'm away from the office today bringing transit and walkability to the highways and strip malls of North Texas, I offer up photos of my hair trial during our mid-month planning trip to the Outer Banks.

As you can see, it's just as beachy-curly as I'd envisioned. Imagine a funky flower/feather creation in the back too... Smitten XOXO is hard at work as I type creating fab pieces for me and the girls. The stylist didn't add volume and curl to the top of my hair during the trial, but will do so for the wedding. This loose curly do took her all of 8 minutes, by the way, and she assures me I'll be deceptively carefree-looking (read: windproof) on the big day.

Random... see that spot of really wispy curly hair on the left side of my neck in the top photo? Does anyone else have those... and what do I do with it? If I kind of slick it into the rest of the normal hair will that look weird? But it looks weird as is, right?

Also (to change the subject in case that was awkward)... I've heard a few reports that our invitations have made it to mailboxes, so after one more day for the stragglers to make their way, I'll post them in full!


Milltini said...

The hair looks fabulous...you are going to be such a gorgeous bride!

Legallyblondemel said...


Could you clip those whirly neck hairs short or something? I actually think it looks just fine & part of the (carefully constructed) "carefree" look you have going on, but if it bugs you, might be worth asking your stylist.