Friday, March 27, 2009

F-Word Friday: Medic!

Not gonna lie to you...this hasn't been my most focused week. I can trace it back to last Saturday, when I played in a friendly 3-on-3 basketball tournament a friend of mine organized for charity. A few hours of hoops on a beautiful Saturday seemed pretty harmless. 24 hours later, and I could barely move. Naturally, it's an old back injury that I picked up in college while rescuing orphans from burning buildings. It happens once every nine months or so. (The flaring up, not the orphan-saving. That's much less predictable). Suddenly, anyone who saw Maggie and I walking from a distance would have thought I was her grandfather. Not cool.

So normally this means 36-hour discomfort, but apparently I'm over 30 now, and that means I take at least another two days to get back to normal. Which is even less cool. That's the bad news. The good news is that I have fun muscle relaxers, and it turns out Maggie has fantastic massage oils that I didn't know about but am so pleased with that I may throw my back out on purpose every few months from now on.

Anyway, between that and college hoops, plus the biggest hockey game in the 104-year history of my college hockey program (tonight against Groovy UVM, 6:30pm est, 5:30 cst, ESPNU), not to mention this whole T.I. jail sentence thing wreaking havoc on Region III of my Big Dance bracket (seriously, like that little nugget of info shouldn't have found its way into the hands of my scouting team?!)...well, it's been a nerve-wracking few days.

Thankfully, Maggie was a star yesterday when it came to invitation assembly, and I managed to keep my envelope-stuffing campaign flashbacks to a minimum. So that's a big check mark we can slap on the to-do list. And tomorrow we're off to a wedding, the last one we'll attend until our own. Given that we're just about two months away ourselves, I could see the two of us going tomorrow and being totally fixated on every little detail and comparing it to the lengths we're going to and the corners we're cutting. Thankfully though, this won't be the case, because the bride-to-be and my bride-to-be are wedding planning friends, and I have no doubt that tomorrow will be nothing short of spectacular, and everything the bride and groom hoped for. So I think we'll leave obsessing over details to other people and stick with the cyclobenzaprine and massage oils, cuz I'm getting my dance on...

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