Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Parasols on the ceiling

I'm putting together an enormous binder to take with me to all the wedding planning meetings next week. This is cumbersome because my entire organization system for the wedding is digital; you wouldn't believe what my Google Notebook looks like. Turning this into a hard copy is quite a task - yay for covert color printing at work! - and interesting to notice how my inspiration has developed over the last several months. Some of these planning matters I cannot wait to check off my list. Others are still nerve-wracking for me.

Enter our reception tent. I haven't written much about how we're decorating the ceiling of our tent, probably because it's the one issue that can give me an instant headache. Being able to see the metal boning of the tent from underneath, for whatever reason, is something that makes me want to scream. So our choices are to completely cover the interior of the tent with a pleated liner - which is beautiful but perhaps a much more formal look that we're going for, use draping, or subtly distract from the metal with a mass of lanterns, colors, and clever lighting. I'm hoping we can use a combination of these that will work for us.

That said, using bright paper lanterns has been a pretty steady assumption from the start. Yet just now, deep in my "Tent Ceiling" folder in my Google Notebook, I came across an image of parasols on a tent ceiling, and I'm loving the look.

Here's the original image:

(Via Tying the Knot)

Now yes, you can still see boning, but I promise you I'll get to the bottom of the boning issue during my event rental meeting on Tuesday.

Try to imagine a combination of strung circle lanterns in fun colors and patterns AND parasols like this....

(From Luna Bazaar)

What do you guys think?


Allie said... Scroll down to see the picture of the groomsmen "peeing"

Kate said...

I say "yes, Yes, YES!" AND (added crazy-bride-bonus), it ties in with your "Thank You" parasol! Mini-theme!

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

these are fun!!

ABC Dragoo said...

OMG~ so amazing YES!