Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our ceremony decor - finalized!

I'm thrilled to say that we officially have a plan for our ceremony decor, and even more thrilled that it involves pomanders!

First, a look at our ceremony site: the deck off the Main Inn that leads out to the beach. Here it is dressed up for another wedding:

Notice the wooden structure that serves as the "altar."

Since the beginning of this planning process, I've just loved pomanders. They're whimsical, fun, and they don't take themselves too seriously - exactly like the two of us. With that said, here's our official inspiration (courtesy of EAD) that kicked off our floral/event design meeting on Monday.

I can't wait to see this come to fruition. Using various flowers and materials (we're making tissue pomanders ourselves to supplement the flowers), colors (red, shades of blue, and punches of white), and sizes (small to huge), we'll create an eclectic, festive "altar" that I think will set the tone perfectly.

Leading us to the altar? A patterned aisle runner using one of the fabrics we rejected for our reception tables. All the reasons this fabric wouldn't work for the tables actually makes it a prime candidate for the runner, and we already own the fabric!

An inspiration image of another wedding at our venue, also styled by our floral guru Renee. Notice the same wooden altar, begging for pomanders! (Kidding, this wedding was really beautiful - black, white, and pink!) Next to the photo, you'll recognize the fabric we have on hand, ready to be transformed into a graphic runner that will lead the eye straight to the pomander party going on ahead.

Could this plan possibly be more exciting? Oh yes! It can!

Renee is making a few huge pomanders that are going to be casually scattered up and down the aisle near the chairs - very random, no order. And we're making "wish sticks" with ribbons attached for folks to wave during our huge group photo and again as we leave the reception later that evening. They're going to be displayed on the chairs as everyone arrives, styled with the ribbons resting over the backs of the chairs. This colorful display will provide the look of the chair ties I wanted, but didn't want to pay for.

Is the scene set or what? Guess it's time to hunker down and start writing the ceremony...

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Globetrottingbride said...

I love it all! Especially the runner! Great idea!!!!!