Monday, March 2, 2009

Loving ABCD (unselfishly!)

Shocking, I know, but our fabulous invitation designer ABCD has been working on wedding suites besides our own. Amy is so talented, and when you see our suite in full you'll really be able to appreciate her range. These two suites for other lucky couples could not be more different from each other, or from our suite, and yet each is so full of personality and individual taste.

Folks, do I need to shout it out? Go and book ABCD for your wedding stationery, STAT! If you need further encouragement, let's take a peek at her two latest projects:

Ashley & Arnold: Full Moon Winter Wedding

Pure winter magic! I love how fanciful the designs are, yet grounded by the navy blue.

Hailey & Evan: Rock Star Wedding

Bold fonts, bold graphics, bold colors? What is not to love?? My favorite thing about this suite is how feminine it is, but with a decidedly modern edge.


ABC Dragoo said...

MAGGIE!!! Hooray, thanks for the stationery L-O-V-E. Totally sweet of you to post about my designs. Many thanks... I am absolutely doing a "thanks for the mention" post about the mention. You're the best.

ABC Dragoo said...

I just realized that both of the brides you selected/wanted the same swashy-swirly heart thing. I look like a one trick pony *huh?* Those images sure look different surrounded by different fonts, don't they?? You'd almost never know!

Maggie said...

Ha -- I hadn't noticed that, you're right!

Although we know you are most definitely *not* a one-trick pony, as I issued a "no hearts" rule for our designs. :-)

Kate said...

paper by ABCD... swoon!

Teresa said...

You are right... she's GOOD!

Amanda B. Young said...

Loooove ABCD's work. And, honestly, I hadn't even noticed that they both uses the swirly heart thing 'til she mentioned it. But that last invite... stunning!