Monday, March 30, 2009

Other people's craftiness

While I was living it up in Austin this weekend, my family in North Carolina was hard at work crafting for the wedding. Unfair, right? We've unofficially decided that for now I should take care of things that only I can do (graphic design/printing of program interiors, escort cards, signage, and more, writing ceremony, figuring out music, etc.) while they work as a team on some the craftiest elements.

Take a look at the product of their first group DIY session: fabric pomanders for the ceremony decor! Adorable, aren't they?


Mojito Maven said...

ummmmm yeah these are amazing!!

Milltini said...

um, how cute are these? I love, love, love!

Amanda B. Young said...

What a wonderful, supportive family you have! And those are just adorable!