Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Party faces

Thanks to my friend Sara, we had a wonderful engagement party over the weekend in Raleigh. Here's an early picture where Trevor looks a bit disinterested in the genuinely cool recycled material cutting board that we received. (He is actually very interested, he assures me.)

Enter shots in the kitchen, falling over with laughter, hypotheses over who will or will not be wearing underwear at the wedding (no comment), and some general raucousness, and the happy couple starts looking a little bit like this:

Hot, right?

Kudos to the loveliness and general rowdiness of my friends, who really are the ones who'll make this wedding something to remember. Leave it to the two of us and we'll just get sloppy and lean into each other all night. But leave it to our posses, and that's a party.

Can't. Wait.


Mojito Maven said...

Actually I think you are looking beautiful!

Kate@ Kids and Cocktails said...

You look darling and the FI is a looker...Congrats!