Friday, March 27, 2009

And.... they're off!

Twas a long, long night, folks. But oh, the gratification! I can't yet post my fun detailed photos showing the 5,000 steps that went into assembling every invitation (I worked on these for over 12 hours... really), but here's what I can show you, for now.

When the invitations arrived at my office around 10 a.m., I immediately set to work lining all the envelopes (thank goodness for a slow workweek, or I never would've finished these yesterday). There were so many steps, which I'll explain soon, in the internal packaging. Here the box is looking very, very empty... But oh, the work to get even to this point!

When the F-Word's work event ended around 9:30, he joined me at my little office assembly line. He asked me for ibuprofen, so I threw him my trusty bottle from my desk drawer. Turns out I've had this bottle for quite some time. Oops.

The majorly expired ibuprofen was too much. We've clearly hit that point in the evening. Bring on the beer!

This is what the finished products look like, folks! We got to this point around 11:15... whew! But wait, all the custom stamps were being delivered to the homefront...

Back home, so tired, cats pissed at us, but look how pretty the real stamp is on the real envelope!

We got all the stamps on (aaaah! so pretty!) by midnight and ready to go on their journey.

This morning, after hanging out with the friendliest postal worker I've ever met (who oohed and aahed over just the right things and even found a lovely red international stamp to go on our overseas invitations in lieu of the big paper label), our pretty red bundles are being hand-canceled with TLC and sent on their way. I can hardly believe it!

Back still sore today, fingers still raw, but so worth it! Go, invitations, go!


ABC Dragoo said...

O M G -!-

All I can say is
I - L O V E - Y O U!

It is a huge job to assemble invitations. Now you see why I charge what I do to assemble wedding invites. 12 hours sounds about right for 100 sets.

They look gorgeous! Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

You've done an excellent job! They do look so beautiful, I love the bold red and the stamps look so good with it! (From what I can see!)

Keg Design said...

Can't wait to see all the detailed shots!

Anna said...

Strong work!