Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I don't care about rings, really

Yesterday I dropped off my engagement ring to the custom jeweler who made it so that he can craft a matching wedding band. I started getting jumpy and weird the minute I handed it over. It's so strange how an embarrassing attachment to a material object can creep up on you like that. One day you scoff at the notion that a ring matters at all and refuse to accompany your desperate would-be fiancé on a ring-shopping trip, and then suddenly you're begging for details as he's given up on buying something ready-made and has begun creating it from scratch, and then before you know it you feel absolutely naked when the final product's not on your finger. I might as well wear a scarlet L for "lame" across my chest. Seriously.

Since the notion of leaving my finger naked and lifeless for a solid week was out of the question, being sans e-ring has provided me the opportunity to reacquaint myself with the family ring I wore on my right hand for years and years. It's a 1930s filigree ring that I really love, and I truly have missed it. Wearing rings on both hands felt like too much to me, so it's been hiding out in the jewelry box since June. It's doing a stand-up job as a fill-in on my left hand. But while the vintage ring and my finger may be relieved, the rest of me remains embarrassed.


mjae said...

I wouldn't be so hard on yourself. There's a reason humans have *things* as symbols. They really are there to remind of us of deeper meanings. That's not lame. It's kinda cool.

What's lame is assuming that it has to be worth big $ in order to equate to big love.

The symbol itself? Priceless. (Mocking the commercial there, sorry.)

I lost one of my rings after having to switch fingers because of pregnancy swelling. I'm still bummed. Even though it wasn't expensive, I'm having a hard time justifying replacing it right now, and my right hand is painfully naked. So I'm w/ you, girl!

Legallyblondemel said...

I completely get this & feel the same way. I feel nude when I'm not wearing my engagement & wedding bands now. Feels odd both physically, since I've grown used to the weight, and symbolically.

Like Mjae said above, nothing to do with the expense of the rings or whatever.