Thursday, November 6, 2008

Practicality + Pewter > Crystal + China

As many girly-girl things that I love - flowers! stationery! shoes! - there are just as many that I can't seem to muster even an ounce of interest for: cakes, veils, enormous dresses. This split has come up with all things registry-related, too. I love kitchen and home decor, but am decidedly lived-in and casual about it. Plus, I'm a realist: we don't have a ton of room and would like to move back east at some point, so space and practicality are pertinent issues. When our table only seats four, for example, why would we consider place-settings for 12? And while we're at it: since our piecemealed dishes are ready for the donation box, why not focus on acquiring new everyday dishes we'll actually love and use, rather than stuff we don't feel grown up enough to own? (For us, 30 is the new 18.)

We tried to like china, really. We spent an entire evening checking out patterns and nearly fell asleep from boredom just looking at them. Nothing felt remotely like us (no color, too dainty, so BORING), and we couldn't imagine using any of it. So china: OUT. Instead, we've started getting new dishes that we'll use every day and love. They're red earthenware, with uneven edges and a sturdy feel, and just look like us. Delicate crystal glasses and random decorative objects to gather dust? Also out. But practical wine glasses, a gorgeous decanter for scotch, and the cookware and knives that will please my cooking-loving self for a lifetime? Yes yes yes!

It turns out, though, there is one big category of decadence we're on board with. Pewter. We love pewter: the heavy sturdiness, the clean-lined substance, the grounded grace, the rustic tradition. We also agree that because what we love is ridiculously expensive, we'll never ask anyone to get it for us. But maybe one day we'll strike it rich and feel frivolous enough to purchase Match pewter. Because this stuff is just amazing. Join me while I mentally slip into my slim-fitting, non-veiled wedding gown and sigh:

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