Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday fun: Celebrity wedding counterparts

I've seen this photo for years and always loved it, but it just clicked: Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell are our celebrity wedding counterparts! Weird.

Consider this:
  • Slim lace dress: check
  • No veil: check
  • Casual, flowered hair: check
  • Blue seersucker on a long-haired groom: check
  • Outdoor event: check
  • Casual vibe: check
  • Laid-back decor: check
  • Lack of fancy cake: check
  • Lots of laughter: check
Kind of funny. So c'mon, if for no other reason than it's Friday and an excuse to google celebrity wedding photos...

Who's your celebrity wedding counterpart, either fact or fantasy?


An Atlanta Bride said...

I loved the simplicity of their wedding! And she was just as elated as a bride who had all the hoopla! But really...she's gorgeous. She would have looked stunning in a potato sack!

Heather the bridesmaid said...

As much as Eva Longoria annoys me I love the thought of getting married in Paris! It's my all time favorite city in the world and what better city to celebrate romance than the city that embraces PDA! I'll admit I can like things a bit over the top and would love to fly in all my friends and then end the night with fireworks. Now if I can just find my Tony Parker :) (I do like him! And how yummy is his French accent?!)

avery said...

also, we should probably note that we have loong thought that Maggie's f word looks a bit like jerry o'connell. i mean, come on, look at those flowing locks...

maggie said...

H - Check out Eva and Tony's invitations: