Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For the love of fonts

I must confess, while I appreciate formal calligraphy and engraved cursive for other folks, that look is not me at all. Traditional calligraphy makes me feel formal and Bride-y, which I dislike, and it sets off my f-word's "too girly" alarms immediately. All that said, I do love interesting fonts and typography. From modern to old-fashioned, from clean to whimsical... just not overly flourished and ultra-serious. Some of our favorite fonts:

Row One: Dauphine Press and Hello!Lucky
Row Two: Pica Press and Cheree Berry

Row Three: Pica Press and 3 Lambs Graphics
Row Four: Satoko Furuta and ABCD Designs


maggie said...

Newly posted font heaven!

ABCD Designs said...

Oh goodness, thanks for featuring Lauren and Steven's invites!