Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Best baby announcement EVER

Continuing my font and design day... check out this fantastic baby announcement created by Miss Pickles Press.

The mistress of MPP had a creative, personal fall wedding with flowers and colors so lush - and paper goods so homey - that I wish I'd been there. Plus: a bluegrass band! Sigh...


mjae said...

Oh, great. Something new to worry about. Crap!

It's not enough to have the baby, now you have to produce the perfect announcement, too????

Can't some traditions just, die quietly?

maggie said...

You kill me, Mikaela. If anyone can opt out of a tradition, we all know it's you. ;-)

But for those of us who love stationery, allow us to ooh over fun, modern posters rather than pastel cards, k? ;-)

Heather from the bar said...

Oh my goodness this is perfect! I am definitely going to be that mom who always sends paper announcements and birthday invitations that I design, even if it causes me so much stress that I scream! You can't pass up opportunities like these! :) You owe it to your (future) baby.

maggie said...

ha ha ha... if you love it, definitely go for it! if you'd hate it (like our lovely mom-to-be mjae), then steer clear.

but yeah, i'd love it, too. :-)