Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beach house news!

I must confess, I have the beach on the brain lately. Why? Well first, that's just my nature. Throw me a bathing suit, a book, and some sunscreen, and I'm set for the day, any day. As it gets colder, I'm fantasizing about something along these lines:

But the other reason I have the beach on the brain? We finally have a beach house rental secured for the wedding weekend! This has been stressing us out for a while now. We needed a place of a certain size, of a certain proximity to our wedding location, of a certain price, and available for the last two weeks in May. Places are filling up quickly, so time was of the essence.

But... ta da! As my fantastic cousin Zoe measured out for me in person (renting houses from web and phone only = eek!), it's only 129 steps from the main parking lot of the wedding hotel. Score! Scenes from the house:

(Click for full-size. Blogger, will you ever be nice to me with image sizes? I guess not.)

This house will sleep some of T's family leading up the wedding and will also be the location of the beach cookout we're having the night before the wedding, where we'll welcome everyone to the Outer Banks. I'm as excited about the beach party as I am about our wedding reception, to be honest. It's going be casual and fun: flip flops, beach games, grills blazing, eastern NC barbecue and shrimp as far as you can see, coolers of beer and jugs of sweet tea, and everyone meeting each other and relaxing before we're all jumbled together in dress-up clothes.

This house is also where the two of us will spend a week relaxing after the wedding. So I suppose it's our honeymoon house, although we don't really think of it that way yet. We decided to stay at the Outer Banks in lieu of a big trip because we're already going to be traveling just to get to our wedding, and as much as we travel in our personal lives anyway, the thought of staying put is really appealing. As much as I love the Outer Banks, there are dozens of little things I've told T about over the years that we've never had the time to do together before. The week after the wedding, we can finally go to Ocracoke Island together, spend one solid day in kayaks, take three-hour beach walks, climb every lighthouse, etc. Also, since my sister/maid of honor's due date is six days after the wedding, we just *might* need to be on call for a speed demon drive to Raleigh at some point. Here comes Aunt Maggie!

Next year when it's getting cold and I'm fantasizing about tropical beaches like I am today, maybe we can get our fix then and jet off someplace amazing. But for next May? I'm perfectly content with our Outer Banks Beach Honeymoon. It is, after all, my very favorite place. Getting this rental out of the way is such a biggie. And... exhale.

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ABC Dragoo said...

Maggie - I think your photo size is due to the new template that you have started using. I betcha if you change the template it will go back to normal - OR - go back into the template and where it says the size (which looks like thumbnail) change the pixel number to 400.