Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Inspiration: Pennants and Bunting

So we all remember the original wedding inspiration: the campaign button. Now that we're on the electoral track, I've been loving creative pennants and bunting, particularly because of the vintage feel they can add. Keeping in mind that we're steering clear of an overly stars-and-stripes look, imagine the possibilities:

: Adventino, American Flag Factory, Linda & Harriet

Bottom: Peach & Pearl, Not on the High Street, Mad Molly

Bonus: A DIY Pennant Banner for this wedding. A twist: using postcards.

Pennant and Bunting inspiration goes hand-in-hand with Mexican-inspired decor, using traditional paper cutouts. I love this look for its folk appeal and its festivity.

All images from the Lee Carter Company (your Mexican bunting mecca!) with the exception of the middle photographs, courtesy of Ritzy Bee.

I think we can combine both of these looks nicely, don't you?

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