Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bridesmaid dresses... and looking for DIY advice

We have a bridesmaid dress decision!

After playing around with different girls in different styles, it turns out that everyone loved the same dress: the J.Crew Lydia in Atlantic Blue.

Rich cotton fabric + a great blue + a beachy halter neckline + a full, girly skirt + the perfect length + POCKETS! = YAY.

So who's going to be wearing these dresses, you ask? Why, my sister Lisa, my friend Heather, and Trevor's sisters Morgan and Avery. A small, cozy wedding party.

But wait, there's more!

We're considering an embellishment project for the dress, and I'd love some advice. Get a load of the bridesmaids in yellow, an image I found months ago via The Bride's Cafe. How adorable are those white tulle hemlines peeking out of the dress?! So festive, fun, and retro!

Turns out the dresses are made by Alvina Valenta, but they wouldn't work for us for a few different reasons. Our plan: to recreate these hemlines ourselves. Can it be done?

The options:
  • Making the tulle hemline (we really need a better word for this) and attaching it directly to the bridesmaid dresses. Since one of my favorite things about these dresses is how re-wearable they are, I wouldn't want to permanently alter them. Could something like velcro tape be the answer, allowing the tulle hemline to be peeled right off? That would leave everyone with exactly what they started with - a great blue dress - but have added something extra for the wedding.

  • Attaching the hemline to a slip of some kind that they would simply wear under the dress. This would be the easiest plan in terms of protecting the dress, but I feel like finding the right slip could be challenging. They'd need to feel right under the dress and move with the dress - so no clingy materials - and hit everyone at the right length to correspond with the dress (there's probably 5 inches height difference between the girls). Am I really talking about some sort of "petticoat?" (Isn't there a more modern term for that, by the way?) Whatever it is, it couldn't be heavy or hot - this is a beach wedding, after all! Which leads me to think the detachable hemline really might be the best way to go. (Although there is Your Slip is Showing... but $180?)

  • Bonus idea: What about small blue dots on the tulle hemlines?! (To complete your visualization: they will wear red shoes, of course!)

  • Any thoughts or brilliant ideas for us?


Sasha said...

I think getting little dots on the slip would look adorable, but probably really expensive and/or time consuming because it would have to be hand done. (Unless you've found tulle with polka dots already?) I did a quick search for tulle underskirts and came up with these links, both of which have red petticoat options:

A little red could look good sticking out from under the blue. Have they choosen their shoes already? B/c maybe the shoes could be polka-dotted and the petticoats solid? Also, you could try searching for crinoline-- maybe less sexy french maid options would come up in the search. (Who knew that so many people wanted to wear what amounts to ruffly panties for Halloween)?

Sasha said...

also, those slips you linked to are gorgeous, but you could definitely DIY for way cheaper.

maggie said...

Ooh, had not considered red tulle!! Those links are great - so helpful!

We found fantasy blue seersucker Christian Louboutins, but *a little more reasonable* were some awesome red and white striped Michael Kors that Avery found. ;-) I also think a plain red sandal would be great. Interesting considering the red tulle, though!!

Did you see the black and white ostrich feather slip at Your Slip is Showing?! Incredible... and $300.

I think DIY or these fun links you sent are the way to go. They're so girly and exciting!

Sasha said...

are you going to make the bridesmaids wear red lipstick? i think you should... it would definitely be more flattering than blue (j/k of course). but red lipstick would look cute... unless you have a red accent for the top of the body already?

ABCD Designs said...

My idea, call it a Tulle Petticoat. Knee length, of course - as they happen to come in shorter sizes. I just DM'd you with a link on Twitter. Good Luck, I LOVE this idea!! ABCD

Anonymous said...

i love this! seriously, I'm about to go retrofit all of my dresses. ok, not all, but i do totally heart this!

Anonymous said...

ummm... not sure about the tulle look at all. I mean it is cute with the yellow summery dresses, but your maids are in much darker ones. I think the whole look could date really quickly. How about embelishments on the neckline/hemline with beading or applique? there is a cool tutorial around about a recent appliqué diy gown. Very funky. But really, that is just me. If you really love the tulle look, then slips/petticoats are the way to go. plus love the red lippy idea!