Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not My Dress: J. Crew

I admit to being the rare wedding blogger who doesn't swoon over J. Crew wedding gowns. Until now.

In our latest installment of Not My Dress: The J.Crew Feather Chiffon Gown.

The softness of the chiffon combined with the nearly architectural ruffles?!

Yes. Please.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie---thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and for your lovely comment! I just adore your blog...I was married in August and I'm still living vicariously through gorgeous wedding blogs like yours ;)

And yes, J. Crew gowns have always been a bit 'meh' for me, but lately I'm loving anything feather related and this is a real beauty! There's a pair of feathered Louboutins making the rounds lately (today on Snippet and Ink I think) that I would have killed to have known about when I walked down the aisle---I had ivory feathers in my bouquet and the shoes would have been a perfect match. Maybe I should have an encore wedding just to wear those shoes? ;)

Heather from the bar said...

This dress is gorgeous! Did you see the short version?? Perfect for a courthouse or backyard wedding!

maggie said...

I agree... or even bridesmaids for an afternoon garden wedding. Lovely.

Erica said...

OMG! This is the dress I wore for my wedding!!! Yay!