Monday, November 17, 2008

Invitation inspiration

As ABCD works away on our invitations, I offer an embarrassing story. Amy has her clients answer a simple questionnaire to describe the kind of invitations they envision. I take questionnaires seriously. And thanks to the wide world of wedding blogs (!), there are countless images to provoke, inspire, and shamelessly steal. (Kidding on that last one.) So I answered Amy's questionnaire seriously, attaching images and providing links when asked. The total? 20 pages.

Amy's usual questionnaire length, she later told me? Four pages. Max.

I am shameless. A ridiculous over-achiever. Might as well go and get another degree.

But now that pencils are down, why not share some of the images we like here, too? I have, um, 20 pages worth, so there's plenty to go around.

First up: the inspiration for our "story," which will be cleverly featured in a creative way.

(click to enlarge)

Believe it or not, I found this image (via Cakes and Dreams) after turning in the questionnaire. That's right: 20 pages was not enough! But it was so inspiring - and such a creative jumpstart to a fun idea - that I sent it to Amy immediately and she ran with it. She's great that way.

What do you think? Any guesses what our story says?

(By the way, for anyone playing catchup: ABCD and I originally connected because I won a Southern Weddings contest for Amy to create a custom logo and rubber stamp. But one thing led to another during our discussions, and the project expanded a bit. ;-) Careful what you enter!)

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ABCD Designs said...

LOVE IT Maggie! Running off to get my hands on some super fantastic patterns to splash all over your suite. You're the best, and your stationery is going to reflect your style to a T! xxooABCD