Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For the love of color + pattern

So now that you know about my 20-page opus, see how easy it is to find new inspiration all the time?!

(click for larger... anyone know how to stop Blogger from shrinking images so much?)

I came across this just this morning on Southern Weddings and love the bold peacock colors, complementary patterns, and patterned borders. But oh well, 20 pages turned in, pencils down!

Pattern + Color are the key elements of our invitation inspiration. We very much want to incorporate complementary patterns into the wedding: seersucker stripes, polka dotted accents, non-flowery florals, touches of folk art, etc. I love Central Asian suzanis, and to me, this one became a model pattern - it uses the perfect colors, the pinwheel designs are whimsical and fun, and it suggests flowers without being stuffy or girly.

Effective uses of complementary pattern and color throughout an invitation suite:

Left: East Six: Jamie and Chad.

Milkmaid Press: Mandarin.

We also love use of pattern as a border on an invitation, often seen in full on the back. These two do that brilliantly:

Top Left:
Wiley Valentine: Island Fete. Top Right: I can't find it anymore! Anyone know?

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