Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not My Dress: Melissa Sweet

So we know that I've found my dress, but I'm not 'fessing up here until juuuust before the big day (or maybe, if I can't help myself, during fittings). In the meantime, why not celebrate the loads of gorgeous dresses that aren't mine?

Our first installment of the "Not My Dress" series comes from Melissa Sweet. Looove her! (And somehow, never managed to try on a single gown of hers.) On to the oohing and aahing...

Not My Dress, but oh so gorgeous:

Top Left
: The Felice. I adore the ruffles and the buttons and how quirky this one is, while undoubtedly being a wedding gown. Do I need more structure than this up top? Yes... but that's okay, since this is Not My Dress!

Top Right: The Bronwin. Oh my, to walk out in something short and sassy and full? Legs for miles, fantastic shoes, all balanced with a huge grin? I love the idea of a short dress, and this one is exactly what a short dress should be.

Left: The Dora. Oh, the romance! The sweeping fabric! The soft layers floating in the ocean breeze! It's beautiful. Can someone else wear this one and send me photos?

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Heather from the bar said...

oh, Dora... how i love thee. SUch an drop dead gorgeous and girly dress. love it!