Monday, January 19, 2009


I received a shocking call this weekend: my dress was ready, nearly 2 months early!

I thought I'd have time to mentally adjust to the idea of the dress being ready, that I'd have all my accessories in place by the time it arrived, and (of course) that my amped-up workout regimen would have been old news by then. Nope.

So I rushed up there with stand-in heels and a boring strapless bra and... ta da! It fits! It looks like me! Alterations will be minimal! It could not be more lightweight and comfortable and beachy. It is... mine!


Public Service Announcement to all Dress-Shoppers:

You remember how Sak's is closing most of their bridal salons? There are major, major deals to be had right now. At the salon my dress is from, the former pristine waiting area is now crammed full of dresses hanging from racks marked 40-70% off. Some of the prices are unbelievable - mostly Vera Wangs where I was, but I imagine lots more designers available elsewhere. Really - you can score your dream dress for a fraction of the cost if the sample sizes work for you. Definitely worth a visit!

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future Mrs. Jones said...

Thanks for the tip. I am going to check Saks out this week!