Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For the First Couple

Today, I feel something stronger than I ever have before, and am willing to shout out something I've never once said or typed: I'm so proud to be an American.

This is my absolute favorite photo of our new First Couple, happily exhausted at the end of their wedding reception in 1992. To President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, and the kind of partnership that I can only hope to embody, I am so honored that you represent me.

Happy Inauguration Day, everyone!


Kate said...

i hear ya, girl!

i loooove this picture! i've seen it before, but i don't think i've ever noticed how gorgeous her dress is... i wonder who designed it! it would still be beautiful today!

on a more materialistic inauguration topic: i cannot wait to see what she wears tonight! i love her!

bridechic said...


The Kinsey Report said...

So Darling! I love their love!

future Mrs. Jones said...

I love their love too!!!