Friday, January 30, 2009

At last...

...we might have found our fabric. FINALLY.

Unlike the mistake I made with the flower girl dress, I'm not going to post anything this time around until we have it on hand, have made some hypothetical centerpieces on top of it, and are 100% committed to order the other million yards we will need for the reception.

On that note, how ready am I to move past:
  • Finding countless perfect fabrics that start at $30/yard
  • Finding countless cheaper fabrics that would be perfect, if one thing was different about it....
  • Having a purse full of fabric samples
  • Having piles of fabric samples on the floor of our apartment
  • Having fabric sample books stacked on the counter
  • Not being able to work on other wedding projects because they're all based on the fabric choice
Crossing my fingers!!!!!!!!!

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