Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Flower girl dress = Unstoppable cuteness

I'm crazy-excited about the flower girl dress we found for my niece Taylor.

First, an excuse to post a photo of the cutest, smartest little girl EVER, who will be just days shy of 2 years old on our wedding day:

The nugget herself

Next up: The dress! I wanted something patterned in red or blue - a surprisingly difficult task, I found. But look what my sister discovered for a steal:

Dying of the cuteness over here! The flower is removable, so we're going to find a red flower instead.

Let's review: Red striped shoes on the bridesmaids and blue polka dots on the flower girl? Someone is getting exactly the kind of blue and red patterned wedding she was hoping for. :-)


Nicole Cramer said...

I agree, cutest smartest girl ever!

The F-Word said...

Such a nugget...