Friday, January 23, 2009


During a rare sweet-tooth moment yesterday (I blame my cold), I made my first trip to Sprinkles Cupcakes. Finally, I know what all the fuss is about!

First of all, I did note the irony of battling for a parking space with hordes of blonde Highland Park moms wearing size 0 jeans in order to buy cupcakes. So there's that. But I digress...

I ordered a four-pack to take home that included two of my faves: red velvet and carrot. They are so adorable (their red velvet design would totally match our wedding, btw) and rich and perfect and YUMMY.

Over Christmas, some of my high school friends were scoffing at the notion that we don't want a wedding cake but are okay with cupcakes. While it's perhaps not the most logical thing in the world, there's just something about cupcakes that I love. Maybe it's their miniature size, or their likelihood of having cream cheese frosting, or their ability to be decorative, or their festive vibe, or that you can hold them in your hand... I'm not really sure. But they remain adorable to me.

So I get the whole Sprinkles thing already. My hips are less happy with this discovery. But hopefully I'll stop sniffling and sneezing and aching and be disinterested in sweets again. Check out the Sprinkles Valentine's Day image, btw - adorable:


Marit said...

Those are so cute! I LOVE LOVE cupcakes--and red velvet? YUM.

Ten Thousand Only said...

hands down, best cupcakes ever. did you see their doggie cupcakes? kind of cute, no?

melissa said...

I love Sprinkles so much we are having them at our wedding.

Just discovered your blog - great ideas!