Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One of those days...

Busy, busy, busy, checking little things off in these big categories:
  • Fabric: Brought home some samples over the weekend, just ordered more online, trying to get our heads around just how our mix-and-match blue and red patterned affair should look.

  • Suits: The guys' suits we were eyeing went on sale, and we just made a gut decision to try stone instead of navy. Will report back on our progress once we have a suit on hand!

  • New project: One of my girlfriends might use our wedding as a guinea pig on her way to starting a creative freelancing business. Our welcome guest bags will be pleased! More details to come, but we're pumped.

  • Shoes: My sister found some potential bridesmaids' shoes (red stripes!) on ultra-clearance (like $15 clearance - whoa!). Cross your fingers we can find everyone's sizes!

  • Lingerie: I've determined that my dress needs something underneath, and nothing I have fits the bill. Bring on the lingerie shopping!

  • Work it: Took four days off from working out and am now suffering through the kind of soreness that only a slacker who took four days off should endure. No sympathy.

  • Accommodations: Trying to get a handle on where everyone's staying, who's bunking with who, etc. More spreadsheets!
That's my brain right now - scattered and full. Sorry for no pics or eloquence - perhaps tomorrow?

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