Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The economy and my dress [order]

My f-word has been half-jokingly predicting for a couple of months that Saks Fifth Avenue is going out of business. His job is to notice little things like stock prices, and they've been looking pretty dismal. Why is this a cause for concern, you ask? Well, Sak's is where I ordered my dress. The Dress. So we began thinking: if Sak's goes under, what happens to my dress order? Would the manufacturer just take over the order? Would Sak's rush all existing orders to finish them early? Would the orders be canceled with refunds? Those questions, of course, led me to wonder what I might do were I faced with having to order another dress. Would I pick the same one? Would I use Not My Dress as a shopping guide?

Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from, uh oh, Sak's Fifth Avenue. A long letter. With business cards attached. Double uh oh.

After a longwinded intro about how happy Sak's is that I've chosen them to be part of my "special day," they dropped the bomb. Turns out, Sak's has decided to close all of their bridal salons except for New York and Beverly Hills. So my local spot, with the incredible Mogda (one of the only nice people I met in the entire local Industrial Wedding Complex), will be no more. They say all existing dress orders are safe, protected, guaranteed for the same services/fittings/alterations they always were, they just won't continue selling gowns in 2009.

But... hmmm.... it still feels kind of weird, right?


Kate said...

oh gosh! I'm so glad your dress is okay but this is very distressing news in general! Saks better not bite the big one... I would be a very sad panda!

Kate said...

Oh no. Our local Saks is one of my favorite places to go and look at dresses.