Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Look what's new: Lela Rose bridesmaids!

My airplane reading on Friday included two timely, guilty pleasures: Martha Stewart Weddings and InStyle Weddings. Featured in both magazines was a new line of bridesmaid dresses from the lovely Lela Rose (most recently fawned over in Not My Dress). We first heard about Lela Rose getting into the bridesmaid game with Jenna Bush's wedding, of course... one I will swallow my politics right now and admit that I loved: her casual hair, her flowy Oscar de la Renta gown, the outdoor setting, and of course, unique Lela Rose gowns on all the girls in the colors of Texas wildflowers.

Lela Rose's new bridesmaid line, it turns out, is managed by The Dessy Group, which also covers Dessy, After Six, and Alfred Sung... none of which come to my mind when I think high-design bridesmaid lines. My interest peaked, I found the dresses online that charmed me in the magazines... and they are without question, undeniably charming. I'm curious about the pricepoint of these dresses and how well-made they are. The word is, they're available next month. Report back if you see them in person... I'd love to hear how they look and feel. Some of my favorites:

Clockwise from left: LR109, LR105,
LR100, LR102


Heather from the bar said...

oh the rosette ones are fabulous! Too bad they cost, well, 4 diamonds worth... which I think is the highest that scale goes :( They are adorable though!

Kate said...

I am sooooooo sad that these weren't out when I was picking dresses - I ADORE both of the rosette dresses!

Jaryce21 said...


Brit said...

I love the Tuxedo top dress. I REALLY want them for my BM, but I don't have the heart to ask them to spend over $300 on that dress.