Monday, December 8, 2008

Not My Dress: Priscilla of Boston

Our latest installment of Not My Dress comes from Priscilla of Boston, who makes a lot of satin/embellished/ball gown numbers that aren't me at all, but also makes some gorgeous, simple gowns with great lines. Strangely, I never made the trip to try any Priscillas on, even though I've sipped Negra Modelos and eaten fish tacos directly across from the shop a half-dozen times. But I digress... on to the dresses!

#4200. It's the double-flounce hem that gets me. Every time I see this one in a real wedding here in blogland I'm on high alert, craving more closeups. I just love this dress: the pleating, the movement, the detail. It's a classic to me, one of my favorite Not My Dresses (on par with the Audrey, even!).

#4213. So, so lovely. The material looks amazing - such intricate and beautiful embroidery - and the accents at the waist would be ultra-flattering to those of us who love structure in our dresses. And again, notice that great hem!

#4201. Simple, beautiful, what's not to love? The lace hemline at the bottom seals the deal. This one also strikes that rare balance (for my love of simplicity) of embellishment that doesn't feel too showy. From afar you barely notice the detailing on the bodice. Plus, this looks like a dress you can actually move in. What would our experts call this -- a modified trumpet, maybe?

#4109. A va va voom dress. When I tried on trumpet styles, I felt like a needed a soundtrack to play drumbeats every time I took a step. My runner-up was a trumpet, and in the end I decided it was a little too much drama for me. But I still love them... they're like a celebration of curves in all the best ways. And once again, Priscilla nailing the hemline detail.


An Atlanta Bride said...

Just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for pointing me in the direction of Jillian Michaels work out video. I think she's awesome, and I didn't even know that tape existed! You better believe I just went to and bought one!! If I shread some pounds from following this tape, you will be my hero!!

An Atlanta Bride said...


Heather from the bar said...

oh #2! #2! so gorgeous!

Maggie @ Eat, Drink, Marry said...

Good luck Atlanta! As I said, I am definitely not the workout video type, but in the name of bridal biceps... perhaps just this once. ;-)

Once A Bride said...

#4213...i heart it. :o)

Kate said...

I Loooooooove #4231... it came out right after I ordered my dress, and I had to sigh for a moment - I know my dress is perfect for me and much better suited for our outdoor wedding, but this definitely would have been a contender had it been out at the time! le sigh!