Friday, February 13, 2009

Tulips instead

I can't get over how pretty the pink and white tulips in our living room are. They opened up yesterday, and even through my champagne buzz, I had to stop and ooh and aah over them. Perhaps my excessive oohing and aahing was because of the champagne buzz? At any rate, I still thought they were beyond gorgeous this morning, so it can't be an exaggeration. I'd take pink and white tulips over red roses any day.

For major giggles, go check out this "Valentine's Flowers Decoded" guide courtesy of Design*Sponge. Don't you want to know which bouquet says “Girl I understand that you are exotic and unusual and have needs like a delicate flower. Because I am sensitive. And I know that luxury is important to you. And that is why I spent an obscene amount of money on these. So much in fact, that I have been forced to give up my spot at Treasure Island Self Storage, and that is why you are surrounded by my model car collection.”

You do, don't you?