Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The crux of the matter

Some realizations r.e. wedding planners and me:

1. I really like planning and details

2. I'm not good at ceding control of these matters to other people

3. If we had a wedding planner, I'd still be doing all these things anyway, on top of or in question of what the planner was doing

4. Planners cost lots of $$$

5. I am best left to my own devices


Once A Bride said...

I might be a little biased, but you may want to consider a DOC (day-of-coordinator)...esp. since you're working so hard to design the wedding of your dreams. You'd be amazing at what can go wrong on the big day to stress you out. Your DOC can control all the little problems without you even being bothered...and some of them are more affordable than you think... ;)

Maggie said...

Bias is ok! :-)

The DOC is something we have thought about - just someone to help run everything that day so we don't (and my mom doesn't) have to worry. But in terms of the long-haul design planning etc.? I would drive a planner nuts!