Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Behold, my red shoes

Remember this?

Let's try it with red shoes, why don't we? Better yet, let's try it with MY red shoes. THE red shoes.


So I know, I know, these are not my inspiration shoes. The funny thing is, I think these are actually far better than those for the dress, the event, the day, everything. They're comfortable, too. And elegant enough to appease those who might raise their eyebrows at red wedding shoes. (Not that any of us would do such a thing, of course.)

I'm in love. And... loving my wedding shoes, too.



Kate said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! I love them! They are perfect! Congrats!

lovelymorning said...

completely rad. and more practical than the feathery louboutin's no? because your dress won't catch when you walk.

ABCDragoo said...

I too am a RED shoe bride. When my mother in law heard the news I heard her say *in her thick Southern Belle drawl* "OH NO THEY ARE NOT!" My Amy wouldn't wear red shoes!"

Oh yes, I would and I did. It was so much fun to wear the red shoes... such a delight that I can't even explain. No one expects it, so it is a great surprise!

The red popping out from under that white dress is FAB.

ENJOY, yours are gorgeous!


Heather from the bar said...


melissa said...

Wow. Those are great shoes!

Sasha said...

Those are gorgeous! And totally wearable after the wedding too.

Heidi@TrulyEngaging said...

Gorgeous! Just think of the fun conversation, wedding photos and after wedding use you'll get! Thanks for visiting TE.

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

love them!

Christy said...

These are the best shoes! I have been lusting after them for months. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous choice! http://junebugweddings.com/blogs/what_junebug_loves/archive/2008/12/03/hot-holiday-shoes.aspx