Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All hail a good tailor

Major kudos are due to the tailor who turned a grandfather's seersucker suit (a fantastic suit with a very vintage feel, but perhaps a bit too vintage of a cut) into a suit fit for a modern groom.

We weren't sure it was going to be possible. But behold, as of last night, a suit that fits the F-Word perfectly, with flat front pants!

As much as we were intrigued by the idea of having a custom suit made, we love that he will get to wear his grandfather's suit on our wedding day. How many guys can say that? I think it's really special.

Paired with the same navy linen tie and red dotted pocket square as the groomsmen, it comes together a little something like this...

Wow... we are really making this thing happen!


Allie said...

Is this an actual pocket square? I really think he should stuff your underwear into his pocket on your special day.

Maggie said...

So does he, Allie, so does he. ;-)

Still underwear... I found some polka dot ones in the bottom of the drawer, thus eliminating the need for Photoshop.