Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oscar edition

Let's have a little Oscar break, shall we? A nice reprieve from the 100-page document sitting on my desk to edit, my pounding need for sinus headache meds, and the upcoming work lunch that I was unable to get out of.

My favorite movie of the year? Milk. No question. It was the most personal for me, the most touching, and in the wake of Prop 8, the most necessary. (Fellow Netflixers who loved Milk, put The Times of Harvey Milk in your queue; you won't be sorry. This documentary is riveting, and you'll appreciate the feature film's use of actual footage even more.) My second-favorite was Frost/Nixon. Do I think either of these will win Best Picture? No. But is this documentary nerd Netflixing the actual interview tapes of Frost and Nixon asap? Yes.

I get pretty worked up about the screenplay awards each year, but the real sideshow for many folks is the fashion. Does it get any more fun than seeing who wears what? On that note, the Costume Design awards are always incredibly interesting. Check out the interviews that Elle did with each of the nominated Costume Designers - they're really fascinating. One of my favorite excerpts, from the Benjamin Button interview:

What was Cate’s favorite look?

Definitely the red dress. I told her, “You have to talk David into this dress because he doesn’t really like red. And she said that David, having never worn a red dress himself, was perhaps not aware of its power.

Well said, Queen Cate.

Oh, and this year's viewing party? My place, with the lovely Kate and Slynnro. We'll probably be getting into trouble somewhere online, so watch out for us....

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And, Milk is my favorite as well! I will definitely add your rec to my Queue!