Monday, October 13, 2008


We keep hearing from more and more folks that they never received our Save the Dates, most of which went out a month ago. So frustrating! I know they were just postcards, which maybe can get lost more easily, but still. I can only imagine how $*%&$* I would be if these were the wedding invitations. What in the world?! I've mailed most of them from my office... I wonder if our mailman hates me? Is offended by bare shoulders? If they're just slipping out of his cart? If they're now lining the crevices of the mail slot? If they're hanging out in the portal with everyone's single socks?

An hour ago, I went to a postal center a block away to mail two packages. Without prompting, the clerk offers this gem: "You know, a good rule of thumb is that if you care about what you're mailing, avoid the US postal service. Ground UPS, then?"

Killing me!!! I don't like to rank on public servants or agencies, but c'mon!!! Has this happened to anyone else?


Heather from the bar said...

If you care about what you are mailing don't use the biggest mail center in the United States? Did I miss something? I don't think you can even send postcards UPS, can you? Craziness. I'm sorry your mailman hates you/they got sucked into the portal/whatever else may have happened to them. That sucks.

ABCD Designs P A P E R C U P P said...

Can you imagine doing your RSVP's postcard style -?- I ALWAYS recommend NO POSTCARDS for that reason - even if the bride is dead set. They get stuck in the machine. It is sad, but true.

maggie said...

I had no idea until this experience! I was thinking RSVP postcards too bc it seemed brilliant - less waste, less cost - but now I'm not so sure. And since you're doing my invites... guess not! ;-)

Rebekah + Justin said...

i'm convinced the the USPS is the largest part of Satan's army. some of my invitations took TWO WEEKS to go to the next zip code. i wanted to murder someone... and that's an understatement.

i got so many "return to senders" that had the right address that i had to start resending them in padded envelopes with typed labels.

i can't wait until this ancient institution finally goes under. btw, they're raising postage again in May. ugh.