Thursday, October 2, 2008

For Amy: Chinese Winter Wedding

So my girl Amy is engaged! I am so thrilled for Amy and Darryl, and their story makes me so happy. Now living in New York, Amy and Darryl originally met during our first year of college in Boston, and reconnected years later. One of the things that's so fun about this engagement is that in our close group of four college girls, Tracy and Nancy got married within months of each other two years ago. It was such a fun time because we were able to see each other so much that year - a true treat. Now this year, it's our turn to host the girl group!

On to the wedding: Amy is considering either a winter wedding or a late summer wedding. If she goes with a winter wedding, she wouldn't want to wait until 2010, so it'd be this winter. I think this is doable in part because winter is the slowest season for weddings, so their choice of venues and vendors might still be fairly wide. Plus, I find the idea simply irresistible.

So before Amy rules out the winter wedding idea (it would involve immediate action, much more Darryl's strong suit than Amy's), I thought I'd craft an inspiration board around the possibility. Darryl's family is from China, and red is a dominant color in Chinese weddings, signifying good luck. Amy mentioned to me how elegant deep reds, silver, and gold might look in a winter setting, and I couldn't agree more. I took her idea and ran with it!

Chinese Winter Wedding
Black-tie elegance in a gilded hotel ballroom on a cold winter night... classic New York with a Chinese twist

(click to see it full size)


tracy said...

Love the inspiration board for amy's wedding that I was not even informed was happening....but i dare say that if she does a winter wedding, I'm putting money on Amy trying to get away w/ wearing her black puffer coat over her dress!

Maggie said...

ha ha ha!! yes, another of Amy's lovable communication mishaps ;-)

I did see a fur wrap in black... maybe we can push that instead?! :-)

GiGi said...

I think you missed your calling, you should be a wedding theme planner, you don't have to do any of the execution just come up with these fantastic visions and make people pay you for your inspiration boards!! I bet there's a market for that in Dallas.

The Chinese Winter Wedding theme makes me want to get married in December and I hate the cold!