Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Around the web today

So much goodness online today!
  • The Wedding That Wasn't. In the first stage of wedding planning (actually before we were even engaged), Trevor and I envisioned a house party wedding on the Outer Banks that would be ultra-casual and mellow. We ended up changing course mainly because of the size of our wedding, but the plans were fun while they lasted. This wedding on the beach in Hatteras beautifully sums up what the wedding that wasn't might have been.
  • More Blue + Red! Via With This Ring, I found a fantastic blue and red seaside inspiration board courtesy of Coco+Kelly. Check it out!

  • Sweater Love. I'm a sucker for a great, yummy sweater. These sweatered bridesmaids make me feel so cozy and happy!
  • Blog Love. Amy from ABCD and I have been in touch frequently regarding our logo/invitation design, so besides being a huge fan of her in general, I am just loving her blog! She posts great stuff for any fan of design, art, food, furniture, and of course weddings! Somehow this connection was meant to be. :-)


Heather the bridesmaid said...

Love that Outer Banks wedding! What a fun idea...if you only have a few friends and family to invite ;)

And how fun is that inspiration board! Love the coral elements.

ABCD Designs P A P E R C U P P said...

YAY! Thanks for all the sweeeeeeet comments about the blog!