Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Inspiration Wedding: Ranch Rustic

Finally, the gorgeous ranch wedding I was raving about!

Enter Satoko and Alex's Napa wedding, featured in the Fall/Winter Martha Stewart Weddings. This wedding makes me swoon for its homegrown sensibility, quirky personalized touches, and whimsical charm.

First, I'm absolutely enthralled with these invitations. Satoko (a graphic designer) created a heart graphic made of ranch animals that was incorporated throughout the wedding.

I love the typography and use of graphics, and can you beat invitations printed on cloth with red stiching?! I think not.

Just look at this display... beautiful!

Cloth bags with the heart graphic printed on them, plus great tags for names.

The clothesline approach is perfect for this setting.

I adore these programs and recipe books (their favors).

Loving the patterns on each and how complementary they are.

Finally, I've just gotta give a shout-out to the brilliant use of pattern in the rest of the wedding: stripes and dots (huge fan) incorporated in the bouquet, on the kids, and in the table settings, which connect right back to the brilliant graphics that Satoko created.


lovelymorning said...

this wedding makes me want to quit. with the having a wedding thing. a little too late i think, but still.

it's completely amazing and rustic and casual and well designed and everything.

Heather the bridesmaid said...

Gorg! Love the tea canister vase idea. Although, for you, it'd have to be coffee canisters :)

mjae said...

this seems too perfect to be true!

it's unearthly. inhumanly beautiful.

do any of these websites give a budget total for these outrageously gorgeous weddings?

i can't decide whether these make me feel horrible for my own wedding or thankful for my total lack of detail-orientation!

Maggie said...

ha ha... Many of them are *outrageous* and many are fairly budget-minded, but it's all in what you like, I think. For me, this kinda thing is IT - and the bride's a graphic designer who did it herself (I think the article said she's a GD for Williams-Sonoma to continue the unfairness). A lot of the expensive weddings incorporate elements that I don't like at all - colored lighting so the entire reception is the same pink as the flowers, etc. Personalized touches are what appeal most to me - some people do it all themselves and are ingenious about ways to save, and some people find someone else who'll tie together all the personalized details. Either way, those are the weddings that I always like peeking into the most.

Your wedding was exactly what you wanted, Mikaela - with additional drama! - so that means it was just perfect for you.

ps - Did you see the "poem" I found and dedicated to you on the bad invitation text examples? You'll die.

Pretty Bride said...

i love the feel of this wedding... so warm and romantic!

beautifulpaper said...

Oooh, I love the invitations. I remember seeing this wedding in MS Weddings, but the invitations really stand out in your post. So pretty and such great design inspiration!

Susan said...

I confess to buying the magazine today when I opened it up and the first thing I saw was the 3 section screen that was made to hold photos. Some great possibilites came to mind. What do you think Maggie. One side for photos that we bring along, the other side for photos and messages contributed by your guests?