Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Can't think weddings.

I can only think politics! The election's consuming us... only six days away now! Here are some fun things I've seen out and about that make me smile:
  • I received my letterpressed Obama quote in the mail... stunning! From the quality of this piece as well as the gorgeous business card included, I think Twin Ravens Press would be a great option for custom letterpressed wedding invitations. If everything goes our way next week, I think TRP should create another set using a quote from Obama's Inauguration speech. Framed together, they'd be gorgeous!

  • I saw this button via Inspired Goodness and my f-word was beyond amused. Considering that the night we met, I just *might* have bitchily accused him of being the "e" word, what better gift now that we're engaged?! He wears his with pride. :-) Do check out that Inspired Goodness link - I'd love one of nearly everything she posted there.

  • I've ordered these magnets to brighten up our fridge. They're adorable... and they use the tiny super-strong magnets that work on stainless refrigerators, if you're like me and a new fridge means your fab magnet collection no longer adheres.

  • This letterpressed "wrestling match" poster is so great. We have a lot of tongue-in-cheek political art in our place, and it's easy to imagine this piece fitting right in.

  • This mobile is amazing... but I have no use for it! Does anyone else?! It's too amazing not to get scooped up.

  • These Obama barrettes for little girls are adorable!

  • As always, peruse etsy for the most amazing handmade finds. Type "Obama" in the search box and go -- new treasures are being added all the time!


maggie said...

I can't stop! For lovers of stitching:

- Obama '08 Knit Hat

- Crocheted Obama logo ring in resin

- Hand-embroidered Dem donkey onesie (I'm a sucker for all political onesies, but this one is so adorable with the hand-stitching!)

Rebecca said...

love that button, girl, love it!