Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Friday things

I love woodcut art, so this laser-cut wedding invitation is right up my alley. Isn't it amazing?

Via Inspired Goodness.

When I was searching for ways to incorporate Amy and Darryl's dog Jessy into their inspiration board, I fell in love with this image. It wouldn't work for the board, but it's so good I've gotta post it anyway. I just want to give this dog a big hug.

Via Elizabeth Anne Designs.

We're having a bagpiper at our wedding, which thrills Trevor's mom and helps make up for the fact that her son won't be wearing a kilt. :-) We'd been playing around with different ideas of how to incorporate the bagpiper into the ceremony, and loved this idea so much we're blatantly stealing it: the bagpiper leads the guys to the ceremony spot. I always disliked the way so many grooms and groomsmen just kind of meandered up there, anyway. And hey, if people have to look at me getting up there, make them look at him, too! (Can you tell I'm not big on making an entrance?) I think this would look fantastic if they came over the dunes from the beach.

From Snippet & Ink.


Heather from the bar said...

The bagpiper leading the guys down is absolutely genius!

Sasha said...

Particularly if he's a hot bagpiper...

Rachel @ Southern Weddings said...

Love your blog. Love that laser cut invitation. Fabulous stuff. I would love to contact you regarding a special feature with Southern Weddings blog. I couldn't find your email address via the blog, so could you please email me at {rachelatswsmagdotcom}? Thank you so much. Look forward to hearing from you!

K! said...

I love that bagpiper leading the men! And imagine having an adorable dog at your wedding! ahh.

Love your blogg!

Tracy said...

I didn't know you were having a bagpiper, I'm jealous! Lyndsey's brother had one at his wedding & he led the guys up the aisle & it was awesome. I cannot wait to see how all these ideas pan out next May!