Wednesday, October 8, 2008

For Amy: Summer Clambake Wedding

This inspiration board for Amy has me so excited that I'm already itching to attend!

You'll remember that my friend Amy is considering a late-summer outdoor wedding. She and I discussed some ideas for this concept: lakeside New England, laid-back, lots of lobsters and clams, and great punches of Chinese red through lanterns and flowers.

Here's my take on Amy and Darryl's Summer Clambake Wedding: festive and fun, crustaceans and shellfish galore (yum!), red as the dominant color (lanterns, decor, the Chinese Double Happiness symbol) with punches of yellow and white, and water and greenery as the backdrop to festive fireworks, sparklers, and a bonfire. Don't you want to go now?! Enjoy!

(As always, click for the bigger version)

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