Friday, October 3, 2008

My about-to-pop Maid of Honor

I'm so thrilled to share this fantastic news...

My sister Lisa is pregnant!!!

She and her husband Will have been itching to become parents, so this is really thrilling news. Here's the kicker: Her due date is just SIX DAYS after our wedding. Talk about high drama!

We have a very more-the-merrier/roll-with-it kind of family, so we're going to cross our fingers and send out some major "be late" vibes to the growing one, and assume it'll all work out perfectly. But every now and then I imagine Lisa's water breaking during the climactic moment of our ceremony... talk about making our wedding one that no one will ever forget! Good thing a doctor has already been invited just in case... ;-)

And remember this bridesmaid dress that Lisa modeled for us? LOTS of room in that big, full skirt... and plenty of time to exchange it for a larger size if need be. :-)

Things just keep getting more and more fun!

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Anonymous said...

congrats to your sister! I've seen pregnant bridesmaids wear JCrew dresses to perfection. just make sure she gets it roomy at the top, too, because her ribs will expand to make room for that growing baby.