Monday, October 6, 2008

I'll RSVP 'NO' to that one, thanks

We spent some time yesterday thinking about our forthcoming Papercupp invitations - specifically, what the text should be. We'll ultimately go with something simple ("together with their families") and maybe throw in a creative line or two, but some of the stuff out there had us dying of laughter yesterday. My favorites:

"In the spirit of Christian joy..." (Okay, major disclaimer: We are absolutely unreligious, so anything of this nature is a no.) Such as:

"Love is the most precious flower
in the Father's garden of life
Please join us as we,
begin our new life together
growing in Christ's love"

Ugh, gag me over your fairy tale imagery:

"Just like a page out of a fairy tale
the storybook romance comes true..."

"Our wedding will be a fairy tale...
a dream without end."

So more casual, then? How about an homage to the VP candidate who can't pronounce her Gs?

"The woo'in and the courtin's done
Our life together has begun."

Okay sure, if you're country western singers or something. But please explain to me what this one means:

"Time has changed so many things
one thousand years of the past
but it never touched the power
of a true love meant to last"

?!?! And hey, we are having a beach wedding...

"A perfect shell is a gift from the sea
as beautiful and unique
as our love is meant to be"

This one's for Mikaela, poet and desert resident:

"Out of wind and prairie dust,
a cactus flower stands:
a tribute to our love so true
are elements it will withstand."

Ha! My ultimate favorite, though, is one that would manage to piss off most anyone who received it:

"Everyone will be green with envy
when they see how happy we are together"

Okay, just one more, because this one truly perplexes me:

We get along so well
that we are getting married
Come join the celebration
and share in our joy

I mean why not, right? As long as you get along and all.

(All text courtesy of VerseIt, which has some great recommendations along with laughable ones.)

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beautifulpaper said...

Sorry to be commenting a bit late, but if you're still looking for wording inspiration, I really love the wording examples from bird and banner and the rsvp wording from Kristina from a lovely morning. Very sweet, but still very simple.