Saturday, May 9, 2009

Smelling yummy

First up, French Lilacs from the market. They're everywhere right now, and smell amazing!

Next up, ME! Remember waaaaay back, when I decided that Marc Jacobs would be my wedding perfume? I've resisted buying it for months because I didn't want to use it until the wedding weekend. (How else would I create a wedding memory association with the scent?) Since I can't resist temptation, I knew I shouldn't buy it until now. I was smelling it at Nordstrom a few months ago and they told me if I planned to make the purchase around Mother's Day, I could get the bottle engraved for free. Yes please!

I picked it up this afternoon and love it.

Waiting to buy it during a holiday had another advantage. Look at all these goodies I got for the same price as a single bottle when Nordstrom isn't having a fragrance event! Score.

Someone's about to smell gooood.


Kate@ Kids and Cocktails said...

That's such a sweet memory! Very cool! What sorts of goodies did you get?

Jessica @ Mason Jar Bride said...

I've been wearing Marc Jacobs for about a year now and I LOVE it! I get compliments on it all the time. That's so cool that you were able to get the bottle engraved and get all those extra goodies :) What a great way to capture the memories of your wedding weekend!!

mimi said...

that bottle engraving thing is cool, i have always wanted to have that done. love it.