Monday, May 4, 2009

Down to the nitty-gritty

Sunday marked three weeks until the wedding. Fortunately, our To Do List is getting smaller, and the tasks are getting smaller, too. So small that I'm not even reprinting our entire list any more! Here's where we stand from last week:

To Do:
  • Rent/borrow tables for Welcome Cookout - discussing tables tonight
  • Finish ceremony plans with Gene
  • Write vows
  • DJ guidelines/play/do not play - due tomorrow
  • Reception timeline
  • Print/assemble programs - buy ribbon for programs
  • Napkins - cocktail and reception
  • Finish making escort cards - about halfway there
  • Girls' hairpieces - will be finished this week
  • Table assignments - almost there, waiting on one more RSVP
  • Finish table signs
  • Finish flower cans (DIY HQ)
  • "Guestbook" - sign shipped, will discuss matting when it arrives
  • Talk through ceremony music arrangements with our violinist (my adorable music prodigy cousin!) - scheduled for tonight
  • Pick up perfume - will explain soon!
  • Help Sasha finish custom map - print - ship to NC
  • Make Bride and Groom signs for chairs
  • Make Cards sign
  • Rest of Welcome Bag - other printed odds and ends/candy?/water?/other?
  • Groomsmen sock decision
  • Print and mail childhood photos for board
  • Mom to drop off DIY goods in OBX
  • Finish and submit official venue checklist
  • Make cookie bag stickers
  • Nail down pricing details of kayaking/golfing
  • Pack (whoa)
  • Welcome Bag tags
  • Plane tickets
  • Final dress fitting - ship dress to NC
  • Buy cosmetic odds & ends
  • Finish Hooray sticks (DIY HQ)
  • Finish votives (DIY HQ)
  • Welcome Cookout decor
  • Ask friends to take part in group reading
  • Program interior (thanks ABCD!)
  • Shipped Welcome Bag product to NC
  • All wedding party/family gifts
  • Ordered cellophane cookie bags
The big 'ol list before I chopped it down to the final details can be seen here.

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