Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday sis!

My super-preggo sister and Matron of HonorBest Woman is having a birthday today!

Looking adorable at her baby shower

While you toast Lisa tonight during your Cinco de Mayo festivities, here are some fun facts to consider:
  • Lisa rescues injured wildlife through her participation with the NC Wildlife Center, which sometimes means she and her husband are housing a dozen baby bunnies along with their slew of pets (two dogs, two cats, and a rabbit). This makes for neat animals to check out while visiting their house, fun field trips with Lisa through weird peoples' yards to find the injured animal they supposedly saw, and having disabled animals that need to be handfed medicine vacation with us at the beach. And of course, before you can leave Lisa a voice mail, you're forced to sit through detailed instructions on things like how to isolate an injured animal. So I just hang up instead. But yay for the animals!

  • Lisa is super-crafty and has made and sold, at various times, jewelry, dog beds, dog collars, and more. Thank goodness she's on Team DIY!

  • Several years ago, Lisa saw a tv show on genetics that stated it was impossible for two blue-eyed parents to have a child with brown eyes. Naturally, since she looks exactly like everyone else in my family, but has brown eyes whereas my parents are blue-eyed, Lisa believed that one or both of our parents were not legit. But nope, she's a scientific miracle instead!

  • She and her husband owned a sports bar and grill up until about six months ago, at which point they sold it to focus solely on their real estate business. This is great news for the two of them, but less great news for the rest of us who longer have a cool "family bar" to hang out at. Sigh...

  • Even though Lisa's three years younger than me, she's been married for five years, and the other day told me that she can't wait for May 24 so that I can finally be "old and married" like she is.

  • Lisa is my Best Woman because I don't have to explain things to her, she just gets it, and that is very calming for me. She also rocks in unexpected ways, like when she secretly photographed T asking my parents' permission to marry me, so that I now have framed photos of the moment. Plus, no one can make me laugh like this girl, and that's a big deal. Exhibit A:

  • Lisa's due date to bring my future nephew Liam into the world is June 1, six days after the wedding. Most of the family thinks she's not going to last that long. EEK! Her bridesmaid dress has reached the point of needing a seamstress intervention. Will she last? Will Liam wait? Only time will tell! (In the "Will Lisa's Water Break During the Ceremony?" poll on our wedding website, "No" is winning with 58% of the vote.)

One of my all-time favorite photos: Lisa and my dad walking down the aisle at her wedding. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS!


Lisa Dyson said...

Thanks for the B-Day wishes, Mags!!! I do feel I should correct you on a few points - as much as I wish I was being smart and watching a show on genetics, it was actually a soap opera and then I remembered my 9th grade Biology lesson on the subject. Dope! But it is fun to know that my little boy has a good chance of having his Jambo or Mimi's beautiful blue eyes! Also, thanks to the wonderful organization Dances With The Bunnies, we are now a totally bunny free home - Franklin has been adopted and has a new "fur-ever" family! :-) Last correction - I think that Trevor would find the idea of my photography being "secret" in any way while he was trying to have such a serious moment with the parents pretty funny! Ha ha! Love you, sis!

Lucky in Love said...

How wonderful that you have such a great relationship with your sister! I hope she holds out through your wedding!